Artificial Intelligence: 5GL-LISA

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ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE : 5GL-LISA (Personal Neural Network - in the brain itself BUT the principles conveyed herein also apply to our dimensional space technology as explained on our web page ending with the suffix ctsite.htm) Also you may wish to wander into The Human Brain. 5GL-LISA, A New Frontier of Science... An intelligence boost 5GL-LISA is the name of a `super smart` cortical area in the human brain which has been taught to think using computational laws and principles and methods. Put simply, the advantage that cortical area has over the rest of the brain is like the advantage your simple calculator has over your brain when perfoming advanced or large or precise mathematical calculations. 5GL-Lisa is our AI (AI Artificial Intelligence) Information Package An Information Package about 5GL-LISA, designed in such a way that gives you an excellent chance at developing a similar personal neural network, is available from us at a cost of A200. When ordering from outside Australia the cost is US170 and a cheque from a USA bank is fine, or any major bank in Europe, or an international money order in US currency. 5GL-LISA Wish to be a genius in a particular area of knowledge - or perhaps you just wish to improve your personal ability to obtain that hard to get promotion? Before explaining what a personal neural network is, some background information is important to understand in perspective. Computing Computing is the study of how computers can be conditioned (programmed ...

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Artificial Intelligence: 5GL-LISA
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