Bach, Richard: Jonathan Livingston Seagull

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Jonathan Livingston Seagull The book Jonathan Livingston Seagull was written by Richard Bach. Unfortunately I could not find something about the author. The book was a glorious bestseller and there is also a film version of it. Once a certain Ray Bradbury said: Richard Bach with this book does two things. He gives me Flight He makes me Young. I structured my speech into tbree parts: 1) The plot 2) Some characters 3) Myopinion 1 The Plot: It is the story of the young seagu1l Jonathan Livingston who is different from a11 other gulls. He loved to fly more than anything else. Despite the dismay of the other gulIs, he did not stop teaching himself how to fly .His F1ock could not understand him and so he got outcasted. But even though he did not give up his dreams of free and unlimited gulls. His thoughts were not the same than the thoughts of other birds and so he came to a new and better world There he met two of his most important instructors who taught him how to fly as fast as thought He leamed a lot of them and after a while, he decided. to go back to his Flock and help the other gulls to be as free as he was. When he arrived there with some young students, hardly any gul1listened to him. They thought that Jonathan was either the son of the great guI1 or the devi1. They were afraid of him. But the longer he stayed there the more they came to hear him. A few months later Jonathan noticed that F1etcher Lynd, one of his students, could lead the rest of the F1ock into the same ...

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