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Elvis Presley -King of RocknRoll Today I want to talk about Elvis Presley. I am sure you all know him, but let me show you a picture of him. First I want to teIl you something about himself. Then I will teIl you a man s opinion of EI vis Presley. Elvis Presley was born at the eighth of January 1935 in East Tupelo. He was a twin, but his brother died after birth. Elvis family was very poor. Elvis had a good education. He sang in a choir. At the age often Elvis got his first guitar. IN 1953 Elvis finished his school. Then he made money with driving trucks. Elvis produced a record for his mother who this time had her birthday. This record was called My happiness. In the year 1954 Elvis made the first records in the Sunstudio. 5000 records of Thats allright, mama were sold .after a TV -show. So EIvis went on tours. In 1956 he sang the songs Heartbreak hotel, Dont be cruel, Jailhouse Rock and Love me tender. And he started to act in films. In March Elvis bought a church which was very expensive. The church was rebuilt to a residence with 24 rooms. In 1961 Elvis gave his last concert for the following eight years in Honolulu. InI 1967 Elvis married the twenty-one year old girl Priscilla Beaulieu. So the dreanls of some women were destroyed. Therefore some women killed themselves. In 1968 the daughter Lisa Mary was born. Today she is the wife of popstar Michael Jackson. Then Elvis gave concerts again. In 1969 Elvis was represented in the US-charts again with the song In the ghetto ...

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