Lembach, Marti: Dying Young

Hilary Atkinson, Victor Geddes, Gordon, leukemia, therapy, Referat, Hausaufgabe, Lembach, Marti: Dying Young
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DYING YOUNG by Marti Leimbach Characters: Hilary Atkinson: Lovely peron, takes care of Victor, gives up her Job, falls in love with Victor, good-natured, willing, has an affaire with Gordon, is a kleptomaniac Victor Geddes: has leukemia, is going to die, refuses hospital treatment, moves to Hull, loves Hilary, welleducated, smart, loves books, often loses his temper, Gordon: Hilary s lover, young man, who is very rich, lives with his parents Story: The book Dying Young is about an aimless young woman who answers a classified ad and becomes the nurse and companion to a 28 year old man who is suffering from leukemia; needless to say, they fall in love and spend a winter in a small fishing town, trying to forget what lies ahead. Victor Geddes gets to know that he is going to die of leukemia soon. He is a young man who refuses hosptal treatment because he doesn t really believe in it. He decides to move to Hull, Massachusetts, with his girlfriend Hilary Atkinson, who first is a nurse who looks after him. Victor flees from his father of rather moreover from his request and advice to continue the therapy and to stay in hospital. But Victor is determined not to undergo the therapy again. In Hull Victor and Hilary live in an old house with an old woman, Misses Birkle, as their neighbour who lives downstairs. She is a friendly lady who helps whenever she can. It is also in Hull where Hilary meets Gordon for the first time. Gradually she is falling in love with him. They start having ...

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