Kleinbaum, N. H.: Dead Poets Society

John Keating, Neil Perry, Todd Anderson, Club der toten Dichter, Referat, Hausaufgabe, Kleinbaum, N. H.: Dead Poets Society
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DEAD POETS SOCIETY A novel by N.H. Kleinbaum It s a very popular story also because of the reason that the book Dead Poets Society has been filmed in 1993. I think many of you have seen the film. The story is fiction but it s written so realistically that you believe it s a true story (non-fiction). The edition of the book I read is the original one. SUBJECT: The story is about a teacher, who wants his pupils to realize that they have to seize the day when they want to have fun and adventures in their lives. It also deals with poetry and the language. SETTINGS: The story is set in the 1960 s in Vermont, Illinois. (That s near the Michigan Sea) PLOT: The new English teacher, at the really strict and traditional Welton Academy for boys, John Keating inspired some of his pupils so much by his fascinating lessons about poetry and the whole language that they found a secret club with the name Dead Poets Society . There they read poets to each other or made poets themselves. For all members of the club it was really important to talk about their problems, their dreams and also about unimportant things without being observed by parents or teachers. The lessons of Mr. Keating had the result that the boys became more self-confident. But one night there happened a horrible incident, one of the members of the club shot (down) himself because his father had forbidden him to play-act, which was the most important thing in his life. The headmaster who had never liked Mr. Keating decided ...

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