Cook, Robin: Coma

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BOOK REPORT: by Mathew Kallumadil Title and author: Coma by Robin Cook: Fiction, Medical Novel Place and Time: The story happens in 1976, in Boston, in the United States. Plot: When Nancy Greenleys routine D&C medical operation is nearing completion, the anesthetist reports strange fibrillations of the heart. Her brain stops responding and she does not emerge from her sleep ever again. Such a minor surgical operation could never place the patient in such a deep coma. The doctors are rather stunned. Susan Wheeler is a young medical student working at the Boston Memorial Hospital. She is one of a group of students under the direction of Mark Bellows, the head intern. She finds out about Nancy Greenleys misfortune and becomes deeply interested in the cause of her death, for reasons of both, sympathy and curiosity. She does some research but without any real success, till she meets a patient who is being given surgery of the knee. He later suffers the same fate as Greenley: he falls into an irreversible coma. Susan notices that the deaths both happened in OR (operation room) 8, so she investigates further. She later finds a carbon monoxide gas line running from a small hidden tank in the boiler room to the oxygen gas line in OR 8. The deadly gas is meant to kill the patients, however only through destroying the brain activity. Little does she know that she has stepped in the way of a very big companys business: supplying black market organ transplants to rich buyers. ...

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