Banff National Park

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Banff National Park Banff National Park is situated in Alberta, about 130 km west of Calgary and 850 km east of Vancouver. It was founded in the year 1885. Banff is Canadas most visited national park because of its spectacular topography and its wildlife. There live more than 53 species of mammals, including grizzlies and black bears, mountain lions, lynx, elk, mountain goats and some species of deer. Furthermore, theres a great combination of mountains, lakes and forests, which makes it quite popular. The most attractive places of Banff are the area around the hot springs and Lake Louis, the crown jewel of Banff National Park and the most famous sight in the Canadian Rockies with fantastic Victoria Glacier in the back. As a result of such beauty more than 4 million people to Banff National Park every year.They can stay at the comfortable Hotel Lake Louis, in other hotels in the area, in recreational-vehicles or in tents. SPOTLIGHT gets some information about the National Park from Bradly Bischoff, a Banff National Park press officer, who works as a backcountry warden. It is his job to look after nature and to advise tourists to stay on hiking tracks and to beware of wild animals, especially of bears, which can be deadly when disturbed. It is not allowed to feed wild animals. Mr. Bischoff says that animals are clever enough to find food. He also mentions that all visitors are responsible for their food supplies. One camping ground had to be closed because a bear found out ...

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