Ottawa, Nanavut, Rocky Mountains, Referat, Hausaufgabe, Canada
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Canada Capital city Ottawa in the province of Ontario Inhabitants 27,367 millions Territory Canada is the 2nd largest country with more than 9,9 million km . Seven percent of the worlds area and nine percent of the worlds fresh water provision belong to Canada. Provinces and territories Canada has ten provinces and two territories. In 1999 the Northwest territory is going to split up. They will split the eastern part (two thirds of the territory) into two territories. The new territory will be named Nanavut. It means our land in the language of the Inuits. The provincial capital of Nanavut will be Iqaluit. The provinces from west to east: Province Capital British Columbia Victoria Alberta Edmonton Saskatchewan Regina Manitoba Winnipeg Ontario Toronto Quebec Quebec City New Brunswick Fredericton Nova Scotia Halifax Newfoundland St. Johns Prince Edward Island Charlottetown and territories: Territory Capital Yukon Territory Whitehorse Northwest Territory Yellowknife Nanavut Iqaluit The national symbol Since the 18th century the maple leaf has been connected with Canada. The leaf is regarded as the most important national symbol of Canada since 1965. Since then Canada has also got its own flag. The national anthem On 1st July 1980 the hymn O Canada became the Canadian national anthem. The national currency The currency is the Canadian dollar 1 can 100 cents The national holiday 1st July The Canadian governmental system Canada is a constitutional monarchy and a federal state ...

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