Wells, H. G.: The Time Machine The War of the Worlds

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Early science-fiction at the example of H.G.Wells Matura-Spezialgebiet in Englisch Ausgearbeitet von Florian Suschetz Schuljahr 1998 99 Contents: -1- The author H.G.Wells. -2- The books The Time-Machine and The War of the Worlds. -3- Synopsis of Wells s fictions,visions and ideas,etc . -4- Personal opinion and conlusion 1)H.G.Wells: H.G.Wells was born in 1866 in Bromely in north Kent.He is from petty bourgeois provenance:His parents were poor shopkeepers.Wells s father left his wife,so Wells grew up alone with her.She,not ill-educated for her class and time,taught him the alphabet and brought him books from the public library.He seemed to become a very intelligent boy which his later success would proove.The jobs he had before his career as a famous writer tell us about his versatility and self-righteousness.He was an assistant in a pharmacy and an assistant-teacher,then a sholarship-student and later he was even studying natural science at Thomas Huxley.. His childhood fascination with science also found expression when he later wrote his novel The Time Machine.This novel and also The Invisible Man and The War of the Worlds made him a popular writer.Appart from this job he was also a journalist and spoke with Lenin,Stalin and Roosevelt.He joined the socialist Fabian Society,an alliance that later turned sour. There is also a small scandal about Wells:His love affairs came to head with the publication of A Modern Love Story,which had a heroine who seduced the hero and which ...

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