Rhue, Morton: The Wave

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Robert H.-D. GK-English Oktober 1999 The Wave from Morton Rhue Morton Rhue was born 1950 in Long Island, New York. He is very public because he had lots of publications in the New Yorker and Village Voice. He also has written lots of youthbooks. Since his book the Wave he is also public in Germany. The Wave plays at Gordon High School. There are many characters in the book. The main characters are: Ben Ross (history teacher), Laurie Sanders (best pupil in her class main editor of this school magazine), David Collins (Laurie´s boyfriend), Amy Smith (best friend of Laurie editor The play begin, when the class sees a film about the Nazi Regime. The pupils can not believe why the German people did not do anything against the Nazis. Ben Ross can not give an answer to this question. It must be something a person can only understand by being there or if possible by creating a similar situation. So Ben Ross begins to think of a classroom experiment which would give his students an insight into what life was like under Nazi Regime. In the next history lesson Ben Ross wrote on the blackboard the words : strength through discipline. This was the first part of his experiment. . When he was talking about discipline he meant power and success. From that point the students become more interested. First they had to take a better sitting position and they had to walk through the classroom and sit down as fast as they could. At the beginning there was a lot of chatting and a big mess. For ...

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