Rhue, Morton: The Wave

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Sophie Heitzeneder, 7.a, October 98 Content: 1. Main Characters 2. Summery 3. Personal opinion The Wave 1. Main Characters: -Ben Ross was a very good history teacher who always tried to involve his pupils in his lessons, therefore he did everything to make the students understand the subject. He also communicated with them like a friend. With an experiment he wanted to make his students understand the people s attitude in the 2nd world war when Adolf Hitler reigned the Nazi regime. After his experiment Mr. Ross was popular for planing living lessons . -Laurie Saunders was the best and most ambitious student in her class. Her honesty, kindness and openness with her boy-friend David who was the captain of the High School s Football-team, made her to the most popularly girl at school. Even half the parents of the school said to their kids why can t you be like Laurie Saunders? . Her best friend Amy always felt that people only liked her when she was able to keep up with Laurie. -David Collins , Laurie s boyfriend, loved her very much, but when he became a member of The Wave he promptly was against Laurie when she wrote an article about The Wave, which considered the negative aspects of the Wave. But in the end he realized, that The Wave movement was manipulating him. Therefore Laurie and David tried everything to stop The Wave. -Members of The Wave: Students who were members of The Wave thought that they were equal and part of a community which could manage all problems. So ...

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