Computer Viruses and other destructive programs

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COMPUTER VIRUSES AND OTHER DESTRUCTIVE PROGRAMS Most people have never seen any damage caused by a computer virus before. Some people don`t even believe in computer viruses. But they are a serious problem in our computer world. The first document virus attack was in 1987 at the University of Delaware. The growth of the number of viruses is about 227 per year. How can we protect our computer systems from computer viruses? To do this we must know a little more about these small programs. WHAT IS A COMPUTER VIRUS? A computer virus is a program that executes when an infected program is executed. It is able to clone itself that means it can infect other programs with copies of itself. It is only a few lines of program code but they can do serious damage to other program files. The difference of viruses and other destructive programs like Worms, Trojan Horses and Logic Bombs is that viruses can clone themselves. Even if other destructive programs can`t do that, they can also do damage like a virus. Harmless viruses only clone themselves and spread to new systems. Other ones can damage other programs or alter data. Some viruses are selfdestructing. They can delete themselves when they have done their bad work. HOW DOES A VIRUS SPREAD? A virus can spread to a new system via interconnection. An interconnection is a connection of computers. This can be a network in a company, a connection with modems like the internet or just a floppy disk. Most viruses spread via infected floppy ...

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