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Vienna: Vienna is a city that will fill you with wonder and enjoyment. Flirt with the summer and meet waltz king Johann Strauss. In the City of Music you will become an ear- witness- to hits and Viennese songs, musical and opera, operetta and waltz, pop and classic. You will find all kinds of music your heart desires in Vienna Feel the Austrian Gemütlichkeit at a Heurigen because relaxed atmosphere is the main characteristic of these typically Viennese wine taverns. The Viennese coffee houses are very popular meeting places as well. It`s not just for the coffee that people go to the coffee houses They go to chat, to read the newspapers and in summer to sit in the garden Don`t forget to try the Apfelstrudel and Sachertorte in one of the little cafés nearby In Vienna art is alive. Rediscover the treasures of years gone by at more than 100 museums. It`s a joy to behold 20th century architecture brings life to the old cityscape. For example St. Stephen`s Cathedral vis-á-vis Haas House The Kärntnerstraße, Graben and Kohlmarkt in the old city are attractive places for pleasant shopping sprees. If you are planning a longer shopping expedition, you could also visit the department stores and trendy boutiques on Vienna`s largest shopping boulevard, Mariahilfer Straße. ...

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