Keller, Helene: The story of my life

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The story of my life by Helen Keller In her book Helen Keller only wants to describe the most important and interesting parts of her life till she became 20 years old. Helen was born on June 27 1880 in Tuscumbia, a little town of northern Alabama. Her father was a captain in the Confederate Army, her mother, Kate Adams, was his second wife and many years younger. The family lived in a little house with an old garden, which was the paradise of her childhood. When Helen was 19 months old, she became very ill. The illness, which they called an acute congestion of the stomach and the brain, closed her eyes and her ears. Early one morning, when everybody thought Helen would die, the fever left her as suddenly as it had come. The family was very happy, but nobody, not even the doctor, knew that she should never see or hear again. At first Helen was very disappointed that she didn´t understand any more what people said. She became very angry and upset and started screaming and crying. It was extremely hard for her parents to educate her correctly. In fact they couldn`t do it, because they didn´t know how to manage. Helens parents felt very sorry for her and were worried. One day Helens mother read the book American Notes by Dickens. This book deals of a deaf and blind girl who had been educated. So her mother went with her to special Eyedoctors, when Helen was six years old. They got the address of a teacher for Helen - Miss Sullivan. Three months before Helen became 7 years old, ...

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