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SCHOOL SYSTEM OF THE USA The American school system is in many ways different from the German one. At the year of two you start your school carreer: You go to a Nursery School (Kleinkindergarten ). Then ,at the age of four, you join the kindergarden. and at the age at six you start with the so called Elementary School (Grundschule). After you stayed there six years, you go to a High School (Oberschule). The first three years you are in Junior High School, and the second three years is the so called Senior High School.Some of the grades have names: for example the ninth grade is called Freshman, the tenth Sophomore, the eleventh Junior and the 12th grade Senior. This is like the German Tertianer , Primaner and so on. After the 12th grade you can get your graduation. One of the things American and German schools have in common is, that the pupils don`t have to wear a uniform. Many people in other countries think that High Schools have a low niveau, but that`s mostly not right. There are really niveauless High Schools, but also High Schools that teach on a very high level. American High School believes in an other ideal of education. They advance, more than Germnan schools, the flexibility, creativity and selfconfident of the students. The capital of the single states decides what`s going on in the schools, so that The Ministry of Education in Washington D.C. has little influence. That`s why there are so many differences between the single schools, so that you even can`t pass ...

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