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Andreas Bitzer, 11c School in the USA School in the USA is quite different when compared to school in Germany. All the students go to the same kind of school. That s the reason why the American schools are so huge. All the kids from a certain area attend the same school. They aren t divided into higher and lower skill levels like in Germany (Hauptschule; Realschule; Gymnasium). The normal school career looks like that: Elementary School -- Middle School -- High School. You can also choose to attend a private school. You have to pay a lot of money there, but you are supposed to get a better education. Only rich people can afford this. Students start their school life at the age of 6 with four years of elementary school, which they finish after 4th grade. They attend middle school for four more years and they all finally attend high school. They´ve got only 12 grades, which means that American students normally finish school at the age of 18. After high school many students go to college. Most of the students already try to figure out which college they want to go to lateron at the beginning of 12th grade. Going to college is very expensive. If you pick a pretty good one you have to pay about 10 000 - 15 000 per year, but there are also some colleges where you have to pay up to 25 000 a year or even more. In the USA school is more specific than in Germany. You can elect some of your subjects at the beginning of 9th grade. From grade to grade the number of subjects is ...

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