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Rocket Engines One of the greatest dreams of man is the exploration of the space. But the realisation of this dream is very difficult caused by problems like this: The vacuum of space Heat management problems The difficulty of re-entry Orbital mechanics Micrometeorites and space debris Cosmic and solar radiation Restroom facilities in a weightless environment And so on... But the biggest problem of all is to get a spaceship off the ground. That is where rocket engines come in. The Basics Most engines use rotational energy to drive (gasoline engine, electric motor, gas turbines). Rocket engines are fundamentally different. They are reaction engines. The basic principle driving a rocket engine is the famous Newtonian principle: to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction . A rocket engine is throwing mass in one direction and benefiting from the reaction that occurs in the other direction as a result. Let s look at a few examples to get a better picture of this: If you shoot a shotgun, you can feel a recoil. The shotgun is shooting a piece of metal in one direction it s throwing mass. The recoil you can feel is the reaction of this. If you were wearing roller skates when you shot the gun, then the gun would be acting like a react engine and you would react by rolling in the opposite direction. When you blow up a balloon and let it go it flies all over the room. You have created a rocket engine. In this case, air molecules are thrown from the inside of the balloon. ...

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