Russell, Willy: Educating Rita

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Educating Rita The drama I`m going to present now is called Educating Rita and written by Willy Russell. I`m going to talk about him a little bit later. The drama was first put on stage in 1980 and won the Society of West End Theatres Award for Best Comedy in the same year. In 1983 it was made into a film which was very successful as well, so that it was even Oscar nominated. The drama consists of two acts, the one with seven scenes and the other one with eight scenes. In the whole play there are only two different characters: Frank and Rita. - dialogue, reason that there are not many stage directions, always very short - first character Rita - working class girl - 26 years old, married with her husband Denny - roles woman-man---- typical, left school early, got married, is working as a hairdresser now - so to say old-fashioned, living in a world of old-fashioned ideals - funny, charming, spontaneous, natural charecteristics - moreover talking a lot, impulsive, says what she thinks - from Liverpool -- setting, it takes place in Liverpool - Liverpool economical centre, west coast of England - important harbours - much industry, industrial centre-----consequence-working class is dominating, many workers - Rita typical example of a girl woman in Liverpool - most people there not very rich, (not very educated) - Rita recognizes that something in her life is missing - wants to change her life - get out of the roles - there must be something more than the superficial things the ...

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