Was Hitler a weak Dictator ?

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Was Hitler a weak Dictator ? In this assignment I am dealing with the political Structure of the Third Reich to explain why I am convinced that Adolf Hitler was not a weak Dictator as it is sometimes suggested, but a very strong and powerful leader. First I am going to look on some facts that in my oppinion could suggest that Hitler was not the Dictator that had controll abut everything, then I am going to confront these suggestions with an possible explanation for the political confusion in the third Reich. Finally I try to explain why, if you consider all the facts I have mentioned, you should come to the conclusion that Adolf Hitler was the master of the Third Reich . 1. Hitler, the weak Dictator ? If You consider the political situation in Germany during the Third Reich as not merely and pay more attention to the background, it is obvious that it was not such a monolith block as the Propaganda tried to show it, it was a confusing existence of rival hierarchies and competing centers of power at the same time. A very good way to describe this is to look on the letter that the Gauleiter (Gauleader) of Munich - Upper Bavaria, Adolf Wagner, wrote to the Minister of the Interior, Frick in June 1934 : According to the actual legal Position, the Reichsstatthalter are under your control as you are the Minister of the Interior of the Reich. Adolf Hitler is Reichsstatthalter in Prussia. He has delegated his rights to the Prime Minister of Prussia, Goering. You yourself are at the ...

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