Religion in Britain

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Religion in Britain Church of England (Anglican Church): History: Founded in 1534 by Henry VIII; Act of Supremacy 27 million members 2 branches: - Anglo-Catholics (High Church) - Evangelicals (Low Church) 2 provinces: Canterbury and York Structure of administration: 2 heads , the secular (the sovereign) and the religious one (Archbishop of Canterbury); furthermore the General Synod as the central governing body Relationship of Church and State: Based on mutual obligation and control Church of Scotland (Kirk): History: Presbyterian church; founded in 1559 by John Knox in the Protestant Reformation and established as the national Church of Scotland in 1707 in the Treaty of Union 1 million members Structure of administration: No episcopal, but democratic government by elders; each year election of the Moderator Northern Ireland Conflict Free Churches (Dissenters Nonconformists): History: - Protestant churches; deriving from the Puritans which came up in the 16th century - 16th and 17th century: Persecution of Puritans; emigration to America (Mayflower) - 1648: Winners of the Civil War (1642-1648) under Oliver Cromwell - 1649-1660: Abolition of monarchy - 1661 1673: Anti-Puritan legislation - 1828: Equal rights for Puritans 7 million members Bible as sole authority Structure of administration: No church hierarchy, but democratic church organization with equal status of ministers and laymen, of men and women Achievement of Puritanism in Britain: Social legislation in the 19th ...

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