Prejudices against Americans

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Prejudices against Americans There are a plenty of Myths here are four of them: 1.) All Americans are fat.Sure you see fat people if you travell to the U.S.A.Maybe even dressed in clothes inappropriate to their body shape.There is a equal number of x-ray women who believe they never can be too thin They slicing theiur bodies up with cosmetic surgery or making themselves ill with anorexia or bulimia. 2.)All Americans are loud.Maybe Americans have such loud vioces because they live in such a huge area.In America you can drive for a thousand miles and never leave the same state. 3.)All Americans are rich. 4.)They´re all alike. Keep in mind that the Americans also have theirb own misguided stereotypes of what Europeans are like. American Values The traditional value system includes hard work and worshipping the dollarit is part of the American Dream that if you only work hard enough you´ll get respect from the society.On the media,TV ore newspaper it´s coming back about people who are successes from hard work.And that´s all they Americans treated with.Anyone could make it ,is able to make the best of life if they just try it really hard..Being a success is really important in the U.S.A.Society really frowns upon people who don´t make it.there is a system of competition.The individium is influenced by the society and society encourage success.Money rules. If you got it you are someone,a winner,if you don´t you´re a loser.a fashionable way of life for example is the YUPPIE.A ...

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