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Plastic surgery While in the past the injured faces of the soldiers were repaired, nowadys, everybody needs it just for beauty, the plastic surgery. As everywhere, the women were the first who wanted it. In World War I the soldiers were helped and nw it is just for beauty. Moreover it was only for the rich and the famous one, but today it´s availabe for everybody, the phenomen of plastic surgery. For example, a women wants to put away their wrinkles, to look beautiful again. But i don´t think that this is necessary. What I will say is, that face lifting is unnecessary. Best of plastic surgery is that persons with acquired and congenital deformities can be help. But when I heard That persons under 30 started to use plastic surgery, than I can´t understand it. In my opinion these persons are ill. To argue my opinions I will do it with a statement: Plastic surgery can be seen as a medical speciality or a cultural phenomenon. Many people just see the phenomenon and not that it is more important to help people with deformities. On the contrary sometimes it is good to do some face lifting or changing its outfit. But I say again and again that this is unnecessesary. Plastic surgery should just be used in case of deformities or accidents, but not for beauty, wellness and youngness. On the whole, I can say that I am strict against plastic surgery in its modern form. For helping peoples with problems as for example diseases, I think it is OK. But if someone thinks that he she needs ...

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