London - A world in one city (Multi ethnicity in London)

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Multi ethnicity in London

The following text deals with the subject of multi ethnicity in London.

In this capital, there are over 30 ethnic groups and 300 different languages spoken, so it becomes obvious that London is a very multicultural city – one of the most multicultural cities all over the world. Many people think that this is more or less a disadvantage for the city because of several reasons: Firstly, the narratives fear the loose of their culture and their traditions if they tend to mix with the immigrants. Secondly, people are also afraid that the immigrants will take the jobs away from the natives – and the other way round, if the immigrants stay unemployed, the British will have to pay for them.

The British government is accused that they allow the immigrants just to enter the country because it fears that people will call it racist otherwise, as in former times it allowed people from other countries to live in Great Britain just if they contributed to GB's prosperity. On the other hand, there are also people who see advantages: Great Britian is enriched through the immigrants as they can improve the British economy through their knowledge and their languages. Besides, the supporters of the “ethnic process” remark the fact that people are not separating from the other ethnic group but rather tending to mix and that racial attacks have declined in London.

However, one cannot disclaim the fact that there have been risen some difficulties through the ethnic groups. For instant, the conflict between the immigrants and their children- the so called “second generation immigrants” becomes a very important topic since the older immigrants often are afraid of loosing their origins and so they don't want their children to mix with people from other ethnic groups whereas the second generation feels the pressure from the society and the media and wants to become more British. Another example might be the fact that it sometimes comes to “culture clashes” as soon as two people from different ethnic groups tend to mix and both want to preserve their culture and pass it on to their children.

And of course there is and probably always will be the general conflicts between the British and the immigrants, which even sometimes end in violence.