Titanic (Englisch)

Ship Titanic, Referat, Hausaufgabe, Titanic (Englisch)
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Now I want to tell you something about the history of the ship TITANIC:

  • The RMS Titanic was constructed in 1908 in Belfast by Andrews (RMS means Royal Mail Ship.
  • The construction lasted 4 years
  • The Titanic was one of the biggest passenger ships, it could take 2.207 people and had a longitude of 269 meters and was 28 meters wide the weight of the ship was 45000 tones and from the waterline to the deck it was 18 meters high
  • The captain was Edward John Smith
  • The Titanic was the most luxuries ship in this time and was called unsinkable; it was also called the ship of the dreams.
  • The first class was very luxurious, the second class was more comfortable than the first class of other ships and the third class was very simply equipped
  • On the 10th of April 1912 the Titanic left Southampton for her maiden voyage to New York.
  • Many Passengers wanted to start a new and better life in New York
  • 885 of the 2207 people abroad the ship were crew members
  • The Titanic received several ice warnings on the 14th of April, but this didn’t hold them to reduce the speed
  • At 11.40 PM they crashed into a iceberg
  • The ship started to fill with water
  • The crew started to broadcast S.O.S and the Carpathian reacts to the emergency call and raced at full speed to the Titanic but the way took 4 hours
  • Panic broke out and everything got out of control
  • The lifeboats reached only for half of the passengers
  • The lifeboats should be taken with 64 people but in most boats sat only 32 and in one just 12 passengers
  • After 3 terrible hours full of panic and screaming people the titanic sank
  • They have saved only 700 people, primarily women and children of the first class
  • 1500 people fell in the cold North Atlantic and died a cruel death, they were frostbitten
  • Most passengers who had died were from the third class even the captain he didn’t want to leave the ship