Katastrophe von Tschernobyl - The accident at Chernobyl (englisches Referat)

The accident at Chernobyl, the causes and consequences, World Health Organization, WHO, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, Referat, Hausaufgabe, Katastrophe von Tschernobyl - The accident at Chernobyl (englisches Referat)
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The accident at Chernobyl – the causes and consequences

The nuclear power station Chernobyl is nerby the town Chernobyl, in Ukraine. The accident at Chernobyl is the second haviest accident ever, in the whole world. It happened at the 26th of april in 1986. The vice chief engineer Anatoli Stepanowitsch Djatlow wanted to simulate a total breakdown of the factory and their installations, but the attempt triggered a melt down. The gorup of Mr. Djatlow switched off some safety systems, to try again, if the attempt failed. The final triggering became thru the whole shutdown of the factory. Many control rods dived in and the reaktor got a ultracritical value. The chain reaction continued althought the factory was shutdown. The safety systems could not handle, because they were switched off and so the disaster began. The chain reaction released gas. This gas explode and dangerous micro particle were blew in the atmosphere. The micro particle were radioactive and flew in clouds till thousand kilometers. These radioactive micro particle fall down to the ground with rain, as so called radioactive fallout. Alltogether, 3.900.000 square kilometers were contaminated and singularly 70 percent be located in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The first cloud reached Scandinavia, Poland, Czechia, Austria, South Germany and North Italy within 10 days.

The second cloud reached the Balkan, Greece and Turkey. One day after the accident, workers started to fill the nuclear power station with Boron against the chain reaction, Dolomite to reduce the heat generation, Plumb to reduce the gamma rays and, sand and loam to filter the radioactive micro partikle. 200.000 workers cleand the ground at the nuclear power station till 1987, therefrom recieved approximately thound workers on their first day, a heavy until a absolute deadly radiation dose.

According to the World Health Organization, WHO there are more radiate victims as 200.000. The organization estimate the numeral of radiate victims at 800.000, but the information are imperfect, so they speak about 200.000 victims. Citizen around the nuclear power station were resettled in other areas. The forbidden area is today 4.300 square kilometers large. Actual, the numbers of thyroid cancer in Czechia, Ukraine and White Russia are climbed. The life expectancy is going down and evil diseases rise up in the areas which were at strongest affected by the accident. The economy of the three states suffer from the accident. 800.000 hectare ground and 700.000 hectare forest could not use economically. Furthermore sank the request of products from the countrys, because nobody wanted possibly radiated products. But the exact number of the damage cannot counted, because the economy of the UdSSR collapse before the accident.

The text was written by Niclas Gamisch, EA71