Owen and Loomis (Nacherzählung der englischen Geschichte)

Referat, Hausaufgabe, Owen and Loomis (Nacherzählung der englischen Geschichte)
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Owen and Loomis

A long, long time ago, Owen, a poor shepherd, life with his sheeps in a little house. Every year he goes with the sheeps in the hills and back in the house. Only one morning he takes the sheeps in the hills. Owen sees an old man with the face of a young boy. The old man talks to him, his name is Loomis and he is a wizard. Loomis speaks to Owen that next to the house stands a bush. Owen should break a stick from the bush. Owen does this and goes back to Loomis. Loomis say: “Follow me!” to him and they go up the hills and down the hills to a big rock. Loomis say to Owen, he should with the stick touch the rock. Owen does this and the rock opens. Loomis talk to him, Owen should climb in the rock opening and follow the passage up to the end. Then should Owen dug with a spade to a door.

Behind the door is a cavern with a big heap of gold, jewels and precious stones. Owen should take much of gold as he like. In the cavern was a circle of knights from the king Arthur, they are a sleep and wait for the day then Kingdom is in danger. Owen shouldn’t touch the bell. When he touch the bell the circle of knights wakes up and say: “IS THIS THE DAY???” and Owen should say: “No this is not THE DAY!”. Owen does this all. He comes to the door and opens it. Owen sees the bell and don’t touch it. He comes in the cave and sees the big treasure – a big heap of gold! He takes much of precious stones, rings and golden bangles and goes back to Loomis. Loomis says, he can take so much gold as he like, time after time. Owen buys a royal house and makes parties with his friends. He gives away much gold – he is very nice. Owen went often to the cave of King Arthur and fills his rucksack. He marries a woman and gets very much friends.

One day he goes again up the hills and down the hills in the cave. This time he touches the bell and it rang. The circle of knights suddenly wakes up and says: “IS THIS THE DAY???” Owen forgets what should to say and stutters. The circle of knights sees he isn’t King Arthur. The Knights beat Owen blue and red and chuck him out of the cave. When he arrives the home Owens’s wife asks him: “No precious stones? No golden bangles? No parties?”. His wife deserts him and Owen loses his royal house. Only two friends remain. In the cave of King Arthur detects no gold and no knights. Owen lives the past years alone as a poor shepherd in a little house