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Compare and contrast Himmler´s Lebensborn project and Plato´s idea of an ideal marriage arrangement, Lebensborn e.V., Rassenhygiene, NSDAP, Referat, Hausaufgabe, Lebensborn Project
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Task: Compare and contrast Himmler´s Lebensborn project and Plato´s idea of an ideal marriage arrangement

Plato compares an ideal marriage with the breed of animals. Plato first makes a conversation with his friend who hunts dogs and birds. He informs that he breeds them from the best as much as possible and from those in their prime to get a well stock.Plato thinks to organize marriages of human likewise.
Therefore the best men must have sex with the best women as frequently as possible and the worst rarely. The aim of Plato is to achieve the highest possible quality. So the farmers children are to bring up. But it is important that this rearing must be without noticing by the rulers.
Furthermore Plato thinks to prepare several festivals and sacrifies by law, at which brides and grooms will came together. The aim of that organization is to keep the number of males in order to take them into war, disease or similar factors. The men who are good in war will become as a prize the permission to have sex with the women more often.
And when the children of good parents are born they will be taken to the nurses whereas the children of inferior parents will be hidden in a secret and unknown place.
Himmler Lebenborn´s project, which was one of the most horrible Nazi projects has some similarities with Plato´s idea of an ideal marriage arrangement. The intetion of the Lebenborn project was to offer to young girls “racically pure” the alternative, to give birth to a child. Himmler kept the project like Plato does secretly from the law. The born children was given to the SS organization which took their education and adaption.
In the beginnning the SS officiers have had only sex with SS nurseries. But Himmler wanted to create a “super race” comparable with Plato´s aim to achieve the “highest possible qualitiy” and organized “meeting places” for “racially pure” German women who wanted to make children with SS officiers.
The birthrate rised through that organization, but since the beginning of the war the “Aryan elite” slowed down. For this reason Himmler betaked dramatic resources. He ordered his soldiers to kidnap every child, who looks Aryan (mostly blond hairs, blue eyes). These children were transferred to Lebensborn centers in order to be “Germanized”. After that the SS made between these children a selection and sent the best Germanized children to Germany. The others were sent to exermination canters, like Plato who sent the children of inferior parents to unknown places. The exclusion were Norwegian children, because Himmler saw Norwegians as the followers of the Vikings.
The Lebensborn project was financed with the earnings of the SS officiers. Officiers without children had to pay the highest tax and if they had more than 4 children they were freed from it.
Finally we can summarize that both projects have the same aim, namely to increase the population, but different methods to achieve it.


Deutsche Anmerkung:

Der „Lebensborn e.V.“ war ein Projekt Heinrich Himmlers, das sich vor allem an den beiden wichtigsten bevölkerungspolitischen Grundsätzen des Nationalsozialismus orientierte:

- Rettung der „nordischen Rasse“ vor dem (angeblich) durch Geburtendefizite bedingten drohenden Untergang mittels Steigerung der Geburtenrate
- Qualitative Verbesserung des Nachwuchses im Sinne der nationalsozialistischen Rassenhygiene (Euthanasie, Zwangssterilisation, Heiratsverbote etc.) 

Der „Lebensborn e.V. war um die Umsetzung dieser Grundsätze im Bereich der Mütterfürsorge bemüht, was durch Einrichten von Heimen für die anonyme Entbindung geschah. Zentrales Anliegen des Vereins war die Vermeidung von Abtreibungen und damit die Erhöhung der Geburtenrate, jedoch keineswegs im Sinne einer humanistischen Moral, sondern im Sinne der „neuen Moral“ einer aktiven, rassisch bestimmten nationalsozialistischen Bevölkerungspolitik. Im Sinne der nationalsozialistischen Rassenhygiene wurden in den Heimen zumindest anfänglich nur ledige Mütter aufgenommen, die selbst und bezüglich ihres Nachwuchses den strengen "rassenhygienischen" Ansprüchen von SS-Bewerbern entsprachen.