Miklowitz,Gloria G.: The war between the classes

Referat, Hausaufgabe, Miklowitz,Gloria G.: The war between the classes
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The war between the classes - Gloria G. Miklowitz This book tells about a Japanese girl who has an relationship with a white boy and an Color game in their class. Emiko Sumoto is a 17 year old middleclass Japanese girl. She has a relationship with a white rich boy called Adam Tarcher. Her father is against this relationship because his afraid of his daughter and doesn t trust the whites. At the beginning of the book Amy, so Emiko is called by her friends and Adam go to the school ball. Amy s father wants her to be home at one a clock right after the ball. On the ball Adam s friend speak stupidly to Amy. Amy doesn t like Adams friends but she doesn t say a word about it. But after the ball Amy and Adam forget the time and Amy comes home after two in the night. Her father is very angry and ...

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