Gray, Alasdair - The Star (Characterization of Cameron)

Alasdair Gray, The Star, Cameron, Referat, Hausaufgabe, Gray, Alasdair - The Star (Characterization of Cameron)
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of Cameron Summary The story is about a boy named Cameron, who sees a star falling down. He goes to the place where the star was fallen and takes the star with him. The star is cold but when ever he touches the star, then he feels relaxed and comfortable. Every time when he feels lonely or sad he kept the star out and he care him in his pocket jacket. Once, he keep the star in the school out, the teacher notice it and would Cameron take him away, but Cameron swallow the star and fall into faint. Characterization Cameron is a young boy, who lives with his brother by their parents. He goes to school and has not many friends. His parents are often self-employed and so he feels often lonely. Cameron is a daydreamer and like each child is he naive, he sit often in front of the ...

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