Leone, Sergio: Once upon a time in the West

Lied vom Tod, 1968, McBain, Clint Eastwood, Referat, Hausaufgabe, Leone, Sergio: Once upon a time in the West
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Today I want to present you Once upon a time in the West by Sergio Leone. Most of you will know the movie under the name of Spiel mir das Lied vom Tod . It is a classic of film history from 1968, but was first published on DVD a few months ago. It is about 167 minutes long. By critics the movie is considered the best western ever made. I am of the same opinion and in the following I will point out why. The movie is fairly complex so I will first give you some basic information about the main characters, the different groups involved and the background of the whole story. First of all Brett McBain, he is a farmer who bought a piece of land in the desert where the railroad has to come through for it has the only well within miles. He intends to build a station called Sweetwater to get ...

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