The History of Buddhism

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THE HISTORY OF BUDDHISM: 580 480 (b. Ch.) Gautama Siddharta (later he is named BUDDHA) is the son of the King of India. He lived in wealth. His father didn t let him go out of the Palest because the majority of Indian people were leaving in poverty. But one day when he went out of the Palest he saw an old poor man, a ill child and dead man who was lying on the street. These pictures of illness, dead, sorrow and age was the reason why he left his family to go out in the world as an Asket. He wanted to get known what s the real sense of life is ?Why is he living?.... After a year Siddharta noticed that this live is the wrong way to find the deliverance So he stopped being an Asket and left his supporters. One day during his meditation he had the illumination. At that moment he knew what ...

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