Conlon, Gerry: Proved innocent

Geny Conlon, Proved innocent, autobiographie of Gerry Conlon, Plot of Proved innocent, Death penalty, penality in general, Referat, Hausaufgabe, Conlon, Gerry: Proved innocent
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Proved innocent Author: Gerry Conlon wrote this autobiographical novel to tell the whole world about his unlucky fate. Arrested for a crime he did not commit he spent 15 years in a british prison. Born in the slums of West Belfast in the 1954 Gerry Conlon was meant to be an IRA terror group member and arrested without confession. After he was released he wrote down his story which was filmed later on as In the name of the father. Proved innocent: The story starts with Gerry s childhood. His father, Guiseppe Conlon was a completly non-violent man, a natural pacifist who didn t take part in the 2nd World War. The whole family is rather gentle without deeper political opinions, the mother a really religious catholic woman. Because of a bad job Gerry s father gets tuberculosis. Gerry starts ...

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