Hinton, S. E.: Rumble Fish

Referat, Hausaufgabe, Hinton, S. E.: Rumble Fish
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S.E. Hinton Rumble Fish Russel James, called Rusty James , is a fourteen year old boy who lives in a crappy region. Although he stays together with his father, who has nothing better to do than to go into bars and to drink, and although his older brother and mother have left, he is a tough boy and very streetwise. Rusty James uses to play pool at Benny s and meets his friends there. Among them is Steve, as well 14 years old, but he is a lot weaker and hates to fight. Rusty is the number one at Benny s, he knows that no one is stronger than him and all the other know it, too. One day, Rusty is said that a guy named Biff is waiting for him to fight him. Rusty likes the feeling before a fight. He gets enraged and prepares mentally for the fight, pushing himself up and getting blind, just ...

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