Vincent, Monica: Girl against the Jungle

Referat, Hausaufgabe, Vincent, Monica: Girl against the Jungle
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Girl against the Jungle By Monica Vincent It was on Cristmas-eve at Lima Airport. Suzanne and her mother wanted to get home to Suzanne s dad. Her dad lives in Pucalpa. That s a little town in the South American Jungle. In the plane, Suzanne sat next to a window. After the Take-off she saw the tops of the Andes mountains. After a while she saw the big jungle trees. She hadn t seen the jungle for three months. Suddenly the plane rolled from one side to the other. She looked out of the window. There was a flash of lightning. Then the plane started to spin. A great flame flashed out of the right wing. Her mother cried: That s the end Then there was a loud BANG. The plane crashed. Suzanne was alone in the jungle. She was wet and cold. She didn t find her glasses and she only had one shoe. On ...

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