Myer, Walter Dean: Scorpions

famous gang, lawyer, crime, jail, Referat, Hausaufgabe, Myer, Walter Dean: Scorpions
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Walter Dean Myers Scorpions Jamal is a twelve year-old boy who lives together with his mother and his little sister, called Sassy. His older brother Randy, the former leader of the famous gang called the Scorpions , got arrested in case of murder. The mother desperately tries to earn enough money to be able to pay a lawyer in order to get her son out of jail, but when the salary of the lawyer rises up from 500 Dollars to 2000 Dollars, it nearly seems to be impossible for the poor family. Jamal leads quite a normal life. He is not very good in school, the principal does not like him and a big boy called Dwayne always messes round with him. Although Jamal is a lot smaller than Dwayne, he is tough and does not fear him. His best friend, Tito, is often by Jamal s side and they are doing a ...

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