Stevenson, Robert Louis: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Referat, Hausaufgabe, Stevenson, Robert Louis: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde One day Mr. Utterson, who was a lawyer, and his cousin Richard Enfield walk around. They walk very often through London. Then they come to an old house and Enfield tells Mr. Utterson a story about an evil man who walked over a girl and the strange person had to pay 100 pounds. That man went into the house and brought a check with the signature of Dr. Jekyll. That was very strange to him that somebody brought a check of another man. So the bad person and Enfield were the whole night in Enfield s house, because the man had to go to the bank and should give him the money. Next day the evil man went with him to the next bank and gave him the money. Few days later he gets a letter from Dr. Jekyll and it says that if he will die Mr. Hyde should get all his money. So he ...

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