Coupland, Douglas: Girlfriend in a Coma

Karen, Richard, Hamilton, Libro Journal, Referat, Hausaufgabe, Coupland, Douglas: Girlfriend in a Coma
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Girlfriend in a Coma by Douglas Coupland Thinking. This is what you do when you are reading Girlfriend in Coma , and this is what you will do long after reading it. Thinking about life, thinking about your life, how it was in the past, how it is in the present and how it will be in the future. Thinking about the future means you want something (p. 45). the past, the present and the future And this is also what the main characters do the whole book long. This is what the book is about. Girlfriend in a Coma is a book about the sense and meaning of life. In the book there isn t much action, although it tells nearly 20 years of the lives of 6 friends in Vancouver: Karen, Richard, Hamilton, Pam, Wendy and Linus. In the beginning they are all 17 and go to high- school in the year 1979. I m ...

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