Wells, H. G.: The Time Machine

Referat, Hausaufgabe, Wells, H. G.: The Time Machine
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The Time Machine Summary of the plot The story is told in the first person. The writer and a group of friends (Filby, the medical man and the psychologist) are at the Time Traveller s house one evening. The Time Traveller explains to them his theory of time, that if a man can go up and down in space, he can also backwards and forwards in time. He shows them a model of his Time Machine and when the psychologist touches ist handle it disappears. The friends are astonished but think it is a trick. The Time Traveller shows them his full-size Time Machine and tells them he means to have a journey in it when it is finished. The next Thursday the friends, together with an editor and a journalist, meet again at the Time Traveller s house. He has left a note that he may be late so they start to ...

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